Core Training: May 2021

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Core Training is NCSBA’s foundational sessions for new and veteran board members. Formerly called School Board 101, Core training helps strengthen governance skills and solidify your boardsmanship foundation.

Core Training is held in January, July, and November. The January and July sessions cover leadership, advocacy, and the required ethics training for school board members. The November session is a pre-conference event of the NCSBA Annual Conference dedicated solely to school law topics. Please note that sessions are nonsequential. Begin your training at your convenience – in January, July, or November.

This course originally aired July 2020.

Core training topics include:

  • Leadership Training – basic boardsmanship dos and don’ts, board/superintendent roles and responsibilities, school finance, and school board liability.
  • Advocacy Training – board members’ advocacy work, an update on current legislative issues, NCSBA’s member-approved legislative agenda, and tips on effectively engaging legislators.
  • School Law Training – NC’s open meetings law, public records law, entering into and amending contracts, the board’s oversight role in personnel and finance, maintaining legally compliant policies for schools, required ethics training for school board members, and parliamentary procedure.